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Meet Our Dental Hygienists


  Cynthia M. Heckman, R.D.H.

Cynthia M. Heckman, R.D.H.
 Cynthia M. Heckman has been a dental   hygienist at the office of Dr. Lawrence   Saltzman since 1986.  She attended Georgia   Southern University and is a graduate of   Georgia Perimeter College where she has   recently served on the board of directors of the   Georgia Perimeter College Alumni   Association.   She is married and has two adult   sons.

 Abby Helton, R.D.H. Abby Helton, R.D.H.
 Abby has been with the practice of
 Dr. Lawrence Saltzman since 1986. She   graduated from Georgia Perimeter College and   has served on their alumni board.
 She especially enjoys tailoring dental   treatment to each individual patients needs.
 Abby is married and has three grown children.
 Abby Helton, R.D.H.  

Kathy Schie, R.D.H.
 Kathy joined the practice of Dr. Lawrence   Saltzman in 1984. She graduated from   Cuyahoga College in Ohio. She enjoys the   relationships she has built with her patients   while helping them to achieve their optimal   dental health. Kathy and her husband have
 one grown son.

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