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atlanta thrashers

Atlanta Thrashers

Since the 1999-2000 inaugural year until the team departed, Dr. Saltzman had been the official team dentist to the NHL Atlanta Thrashers.  He is the official attending dentist for SEC Championship Football as well as serving as dentist for NCAA Basketball, the Olympics and has treated many of our local and visiting professional athletes. 

He has served as a safety net for the on ice officials and players of both home and away teams.  Over the years he has seen and been a part of many dental and facial incidents.  As the dentist on call for the team he has  had to administer immediate emergency care as well as long term follow-up rehabilitation.  

His goal is to help change the stereotype of the gap-toothed hockey player; from one that takes their teeth out to play hockey to one of a positive role model for dental health.  With the use of custom made athletic mouthguards he is  able to protect the players without interfering with their style of play.