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Constantly feeling tired, worn out, or run down may be caused by a disorder called sleep apnea. At the office of Dr. Lawrence M. Saltzman, DDS, our dental team wants to help patients improve their quality of life, which begins with a restful night’s slumber.

Dr. Lawrence Saltzman is knowledgeable and experienced when recommending oral appliances to treat patients with sleep disorders. Your comfort is our number one priority and that does not end when you leave our dental office.

Signs of a Sleep Disordersleep apnea treatment in duluth

There are many symptoms related to sleep disorders, like constantly feeling tired even after a full night’s rest. If you or a loved one frequently experience disruptive snoring or pauses between breaths, these are common signs of sleep apnea. We highly advise patients with inconsistent breathing patterns or low-quality sleep to visit our Duluth practice for a treatment or referral.

Risks Associated with Sleep Disorders

There are many health-related concerns associated with sleep disorders such as:

  • High blood pressure
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Increased risk of developing heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Three times greater risk of stroke

Patients with excessive daytime tiredness have greater chances of getting into a traffic accident due to decreased mental alertness and reflexes. Work or home life may also decline in quality due to an increased difficulty performing daily tasks and lack of focus. By receiving oral appliances from our dentists, you can concentrate better and feel more aware of your surroundings.

Treating Sleep Apnea at Dr. Lawrence M. Saltzman, DDS

Dr. Lawrence M. Saltzman has been interested in helping patients with sleep disorders since 1985. He finds it rewarding when patients recover and achieve a restful night’s slumber. During a visit or examination, if you tell our dentist about constantly feeling lethargic due to an inability to dream soundly, we refer you to a trusted physician who specializes in sleep medicine. Our dental team wants to make sure that we properly diagnose symptoms before recommending treatment.

We take a holistic approach when prescribing certain services, advice, or appliances. With treatment and small lifestyle changes, such as an improved diet or exercise have proven to positively, patients improve their sleeping patterns.

Our Duluth dentist determines which oral appliance is most appropriate to meet your needs and goals. Dr. Saltzman helps patients live normal daily lives, with no leftover feelings of lethargy caused by the night before.

Treat Your Sleep Disorder in Duluth And Sleep Well at Night

If you would like to know more about sleep apnea and how to increase the quality of your night’s sleep, contact our Duluth practice today! The dental team at the office of Dr. Lawrence M. Saltzman, DDS, enjoys seeing patients improve their lifestyle just by gaining a full, uninterrupted evening’s slumber with oral appliances.