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TMD Treatment

TMJ / TMD Treatment in Duluth, GA

treating tmj tmd jaw pain in duluthA healthy smile with its full function has long-lasting esthetics and performance. Disorders related to the jaw joint, or TMD, can greatly influence a person's oral and systemic health in a negative manner. Common symptoms of TMD include clicking or popping of the jaw joint, headaches, pain, difficulty opening and closing your mouth and difficulty chewing.

Dr. Lawrence M. Saltzman is a TMD specialist and has extensive training in the diagnosis and treatment of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder and is a fellow of the International College of Craniomandibular Orthopedics and a fellow of the Atlanta Craniomandibular Society having served on the board of directors and as Vice President. He has been treating TMJ disorders for more than 30 years.

Dr. Lawrence Saltzman and his team provide comprehensive treatment for issues related to the TMJ in Duluth.

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Putting Your Health First

A correct and specific diagnosis for temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) is incredibly important in developing the right treatment plan for each unique case. Treating TMD requires a methodical, comprehensive approach that not only considers your oral health but other functions of the body as well. We’ll work with a multi-disciplined team of TMD specialists, including neurologists, physical therapists, orthopedists chiropractors and other specialists, assisting patients in receiving the treatment they need to address TMD and restore their health and bite to full functionality.

We utilize the latest in technology to establish a thorough diagnosis. Expanded examinations, such as digital imaging of the TMJ, neuromuscular evaluation, and functional analysis to gather in-depth details about each patient's case.

Treatments for TMD in the Duluth Area

Depending on each individual’s condition, there may be several options for treating TMD. Mild to moderate cases can be addressed with simple therapy to relax or stimulate the muscles around the joint for proper functionality. More advanced cases may receive treatment combining several specialties.

Most moderate cases of TMD can be treated with a combination of conservative therapy and wearing a customized dental appliance. This appliance is form-fitted to an individual’s smile, providing a personalized treatment that addresses their immediate issues of discomfort.

In some severe cases of TMD, surgical intervention is necessary to correct joint damage unmanageable by an appliance or rehabilitative care alone.

Benefits of Receiving Treatment for TMD

TMD can greatly affect an individual’s oral and overall health by preventing them from utilizing their smile to their fullest capabilities. In addition to the immediate relief provided in most cases, this treatment provides patients with a lifetime of relief by preserving correct jaw functionality.

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